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Shalom! We give honor to our King, Yahoshua, for you finding this website and/or our Youtube channel! The Awakening Remnant Koalition (ARK) is an international effort to educate people in Torah and has been doing so since the ARK's founding in 2013. The ARK community is lead by Dr. Yoshiyahu Dauid (Moreh Yosh) as he teaches the truth of YAH's word and the Hebraic lifestyle.  

Moreh Yosh has been full time for over 30 years and has traveled all over the world preaching and encouraging the nation. Today, because of the world's health and the turbulent social and economic crises, Moreh Yosh has been preaching across social media platforms as well as creating local opportunities for YAH's people to fellowship together in person through local meetups and feast day gatherings. The ARK is here to help wake up the true children of the Most High YAH and to encourage and prepare them for the return of our King. This ministry is 100% supported by viewers like you, and every gift given to this ministry goes to its efforts and the support of our Moreh (teacher).

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In this section we have featured videos/lessons from The ARK over a course of 6 years to help those who are new to the awakening and/or the Holy scriptures. 

We welcome you into this fellowship, and work to inform you about biblical history, customs, names, the language, word studies, feasts, teachings, and more. 

God's Name